Can You Give Me A Job?

Well, yes and no.
One of the things I take real seriously is puttin' people on to what's happening out there. I can't do it all myself, though... in the same vein, I want ghettoManga Quarterly to have comics in it, and illustrations, etc. but i can't draw them all by myself.

So i'd love help from reporters, columnists, comicbook creators and fans, and anyone else that thinks they have something to offer. If you see something you like, write up a little review or news blurb and send it to me! I'll use the ones I like, giving credit where it is due. If you want your comic to run in ghettoManga, by all means, feel free to submit! if you do illustrations, send me samples, and I'll use work that's relevant.

All that being said, I don't make enough money from GhettoManga yet to pay for content, so you should look at submitting as a PR move. It works best for people who are set up to make money from their work, but need more exposure.  When I start making more than what it costs, I'll be happy to pay...