Submissions for ghettoManga Quarterly

(LAST UPDATED August 2012)
ghettoManga Quarterly -the print version of ghettoManga- is always looking for submissions! send me your stuff (art, comics, music, etc) and if i think it's fresh enough, you'll get in print. simple as that!

what we're looking for:

  • Finished Comics (black&white or color)- if you want to submit your comic, please send me at least 5 pages of story. You know the drill, people: no pin ups, unfinished art or prose proposals... just legible comics pages. 
  1. Short comics stories are okay, as well as stories designed to be serialized in 8-12 page chapters. I encourage artists/creative teams with existing self-published comics material to submit their stuff to print in chapters. 
  2. We print at magazine size (my book is 8 x 10.5) around here, so please be prepared to reformat your work if asked.
  3. Genre isn't all that important, and we do print mature reader stuff (not looking for porn, though), like a typical rated R movie, as well as all-ages stuff (PG or PG-13 stuff).  
  4.  I do projects with All-ages and kids' comics too, so if you have that kinda stuff, send that too, but it will probably go into another project, not GM.
  5. GhettoManga is a hip hop culture oriented magazine, so diversity is important to us. 
  • Strips- Newspaper style comic strips and webcomics are cool too, by the way. Political comics and gag strips are cool, black and white or color. Strips designed to be read individually work better, since there's so much time between issues, but your web address will be on it, so people can follow more of your work.
  • Articles, Reviews, Videos- comics, hiphop news art, culture... that's what i want to hear about. and i don't like whining ("so-and-so is wack... why isn't there any good hip hop, DC and Marvel suck really bad..."), so don't send me any of that! I wanna know what's Good. I mean, what's What's REALLY good!?! Don't send anything that you don't want printed with your name, email address, and/or web address on, cause i don't wanna hear it if you get your ass whipped.
  • Artists (pencillers, inkers, letterers)- I know a few writers who need help, so send me samples of your work. Also, let me know what kind of story you wanna draw... I'll show your work to writers I know. In some cases, I will just show your work or do an interview with you for the magazine or blog.
  • Photographers/ Photojournalists- I can always use your original photos. If you cover the comics, art, and/or hip hop scene (locally or nationally) get at me.
  • Illustrators- I know I said no pin ups, but I'll take good illustrations of rappers, politicians, actors, or whatever. when used, it will be to illustrate articles and stuff.
  • Press Releases- If you create fly stuff or know about someone who does, send the press releases to! It could wind up being reviewed or featured in gM Quarterly or on the blog!
    feel free to pass the news about gM Quarterly to your friends and have them contact me at I get a lot of submissions that I don't use. If I don't use it, don't take it personal... also, I don't make enough money from GhettoManga yet to pay for content, so you should look at submitting as a PR move.
    Any questions? wanna help in some other way? get at me!