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Do You Use Print-On-Demand?

Yep. POD publishing is a great way to let your fans get your work without having to invest a ton of money. Your profit margin (if any) is gonna be low, but again, you can provide a larger variety of products without having to print in bulk and carry a large inventory. Once you have determined that an item is popular, it may be worth your while to move on to a large printer, but Print On Demand (in my opinion) is a great way to start! Here's some good POD printers below.

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We welcome businesses, publishers, and other sponsors to support the publication of GhettoManga. We offer sponsors space in our magazine, comics* and on our websites. Check out the breakdown of prices below:

Can You Recommend some good Books?


Here are a few books for the Comicbook Creator, enthusiast, or self-publisher. the ones with asterisks* are SUPER HOT! But I recommend any and all of these books. I have all of them in my collection!

Submissions for ghettoManga Quarterly

(LAST UPDATED August 2012)
ghettoManga Quarterly -the print version of ghettoManga- is always looking for submissions! send me your stuff (art, comics, music, etc) and if i think it's fresh enough, you'll get in print. simple as that!

what we're looking for:

What Is The "Image of The Month?"

Each month on, I feature a different Image, creating products with that Image, or referring you to a cool story or event based on that image. For a list of past Images of the Month (in no particular order), go here.

How do I keep up with New ghostWerks projects?

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What Is ghostWerks?

ghostWerks is a group of five guys who met in college. bound by a love of comics and each other (hip hop is pretty sweet as well, but why limit ourselves, right?), we decided to make comics together, and dropped our first comic, the Champion of Children Afterschool Special in october 2001.

Who is in the ghostWerks crew?

ghostWerks is:


in no particular order, of course. we work individually, as a group, with others, etc.
but whatever you've heard, this is the crew.

Will There Be Any New Ghostwerks Comics?


whatever happened to

good question...

What Is ghettoManga?

GhettoManga Quarterly Magazine was created to be the magazine I always wanted, a trustworthy voice spreading the gospel of comics, hip hop, news, art and culture. A comics anthology, street culture magazine, and unpretentious art rag all rolled into one.
GhettoManga was founded with the knowledge that there is more good entertainment out there than anyone could possibly consume. At GhettoManga, we seek out like-minded creative people, organizations and fans with the hope that once brought together, everyone will find enough of what they need to be satisfied.

People think there is a shortage of good music. Good comics. Good film and television.

But the opposite is true.

There is an overwhelming abundance of content. Much of it garbage, but a larger amount of good stuff than one could hope to consume. At GhettoManga, we try to tune out the trash completely. We teach people to choose between the good stuff that's left, and encourage them to support financially the things they like the most.

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what is Ziontific?

Ziontific Is quite simply, an online gallery featuring the art of emerging artist Samax Amen (that's me!). the goal of Ziontific is to unify all kinds of art projects, news, and products under one roof where fans of my work new and old can come get the real!

Can I Make a Donation?

Yeah... I might make this look easy, but I need all the help I can get! You can make a donation with Paypal using the buttons below, or you can join my Fan Club and get some cool junk in return. Either way, thanks a lot! If you want to give an amount other than one listed, email me and I'll send an invoice!

How Can I Hire You? What Are Your Rates?

After much advising, pleading, and complaining, i have come up with STANDARDIZED RATES below. well, mostly...

You Rock! Where Can I See Your Art?

Thanks for caring!
go to That'll getcha started!

I also have an online store at where you can buy items with my art. My blog is usually up to date for shows I'm doing.
I also have an account on the artist networking site

Where Can I Buy Your Art?

good question... for starters, go to
there, you'll find a blog and an online store
If you want comics, just go to
on my blog i keep you posted on new art and special events. i include links to clients' who sell items with my art too, when they allow it...

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