Do You Use Print-On-Demand?

Yep. POD publishing is a great way to let your fans get your work without having to invest a ton of money. Your profit margin (if any) is gonna be low, but again, you can provide a larger variety of products without having to print in bulk and carry a large inventory. Once you have determined that an item is popular, it may be worth your while to move on to a large printer, but Print On Demand (in my opinion) is a great way to start! Here's some good POD printers below.

For comics, books and/or magazines

  4. (owned by They will even put your books for sale on Amazon for you!)
  5. RAComics Direct (super fast!)

for other stuff, don't sleep on these:
  3. FedEx/Kinkos
There is a never-ending wave of these companies. Helping the little guy try to make it is a serious growth industry, so if you look, you'll find even more!