How Can I Hire You? What Are Your Rates?

After much advising, pleading, and complaining, i have come up with STANDARDIZED RATES below. well, mostly...
preferred payment type is paypal, but money orders are okay too...

Acrylics (on canvas or murals)
  • small (up to1 foot on longest edge ) $300
  • medium (up to 3 feet on longest edge) $500
  • large (up to 6 feet on longest edge) $600-750
  • monumental (larger than 6 feet) $850, OR $50.00 per square foot (whichever is higher)

Watercolor (on paper)

  • small (up to 1 foot on long side) $125
  • large (up to 3 feet on long side) $250
  • generally, that's it for watercolors. but i'm flexible, i guess...


Straight Images/Drawings- $125 and up per Image. this is for full color or fully realized black and white drawings. either done by hand, with computer programs (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator...), or probably both.

Business Cards (design only)- this starts at $50. the more complex the job, the more it'll cost.

Flyers (design only)- this starts at $50. the more complex the job, the more it'll cost.

Logo Design- starts at $125 (see a pattern forming?) this is a steal. this includes all the copyrights and what-not. please know what you want... provide examples from print/the web of the kind of logo you want.

Album/CeeDee/Packaging Design- starts at $125-$250 this really just depends on what you want. includes all rights. my prices are low. and will stay low as long as i can keep them low...

Sketches- just what they sound like... small sketches for $75. catch me at a convention to get these much, much cheaper. be advised! sketches are just that...SKETCHES! you want somethin' supertight, that's a drawing.

i guess you can get me to go lower with quantity.
begging helps too...

if what you want doesn't fit in one of these categories, talk to me!

be prepared to pay 40-60% up front. that deposit is nonrefundable, so don't ask. prices include the work and 2 sets of corrections/changes. after that there is a 25% additional fee per set of changes.

have a great day!