What Is ghettoManga?

GhettoManga Quarterly Magazine was created to be the magazine I always wanted, a trustworthy voice spreading the gospel of comics, hip hop, news, art and culture. A comics anthology, street culture magazine, and unpretentious art rag all rolled into one.
GhettoManga was founded with the knowledge that there is more good entertainment out there than anyone could possibly consume. At GhettoManga, we seek out like-minded creative people, organizations and fans with the hope that once brought together, everyone will find enough of what they need to be satisfied.

People think there is a shortage of good music. Good comics. Good film and television.

But the opposite is true.

There is an overwhelming abundance of content. Much of it garbage, but a larger amount of good stuff than one could hope to consume. At GhettoManga, we try to tune out the trash completely. We teach people to choose between the good stuff that's left, and encourage them to support financially the things they like the most.

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